Information about Cookies

This cookie statement applies to Infoplaza and its activities described in the introduction to the privacy statement. This cookie statement explains which personal data we, Infoplaza BV located at Houten, Sleepboot 5, 3991 CN, process via the website and which cookies we use on these websites.

What are Cookies?

Websites use techniques that increases ease of use and that makes the site as interesting as possible for every visitor. The best known examples of these types of techniques are cookies and scripts (hereinafter referred to as “cookies”). Cookies are small files that are sent along with pages from our websites and stored on your computer and are recognised when you return by the website. We are talking about “cookies”, but in our definition of cookies are also: tags, beacons and javascripts. Cookies can be used by website owners or third parties – advertisers for example – who communicate via our website.

The use of cookies is safe. A cookie does not store your name, address, e-mail address, or age, but an identifier of a device and the region where you are located. In addition, cookies include your preferences, settings (eg language) and your interests based on your surfing habits on our website.

With cookies, we optimise the operation of our websites. The websites can therefore be specially tailored to your preferences. This allows us to register transactions of our visitors on our websites and we can evaluate and improve the website so that it better matches your needs.

What do our cookies do?

Most of our cookies store data about surfing behaviour and as such we construct a general profile based on these data. This profile is then used to optimise the website, to advertise in a targeted manner and to prevent fraud. We retain data only for as long as necessary for the aforementioned purposes.

Below is an overview of the cookies that media agencies, advertising networks and / or we use in combination with advertisements, what data they collect and how long they are used. Ad networks and media agencies are companies that act as intermediaries between website owners and advertisers. However, these can change from time to time and sometimes new advertising cookies are placed that are not yet included in this list.

For the cookies that our third parties place for advertising purposes, we refer to the statements that these parties give on their own websites. Please note that these statements may change regularly and we have no influence on this.

Cookie typeExplanationRetention PeriodParty
Functional CookiesFunctional cookies are outside the cookie law. No permission is required. These cookies, for example, remember a shopping cart, a login, or establish that another cookie may or may not be placed. They also store settings for, for example, optimal video playback, such as the desired buffer size and the resolution data of your screen.Infinite
10 Years

Blue Billywig
Youtube (Google)
Statistical CookiesWe use these cookies to keep track of which pages you visit, how often and how long you visit pages at our site and at what times. Your IP address is expressly not registered.24 Months

24 Months
Google Analytics
Social Media CookiesSocial Media buttons in various places on the website. For example, cookies keep track of whether you have pressed the Facebook button Like.Facebook
Advertising CookiesAdvertising cookies are placed to be able to advertise specifically by building profiles. These cookies are placed on the website by us as well as by third parties. These cookies are used to display advertisements, track what advertisements you have already seen, to prevent repetition, to keep track of statistics, in order to determine the revenue and to collect general information about the advertisement.

9 Months / 20 Year
1 Day / 3 Months

3 Months
3 Months

2 Year

3 Months

1 Month / 1 Year
1 Month / 6 Months

1 Month

1 Day
1 Day / 6 Months
2 Years

9 Days / 3 Months

1 Day
Delta Projects
Improve Digital
Light Reaction
Quantum Advertising
Rocket Fuel
SMART Adserver
Weborama (voor de punten 1, 2 en 3)
Overige partners
Tracking cookiesThese cookies are used to display advertisements, track what advertisements you have already seen, to prevent repetition, to keep track of statistics, in order to determine revenue and to collect general information about the advertisement.1 Day / 3 Months
Weborama (voor de punten 1, 2 en 4)
Improve Digital
DFP (Google)
Ignition One

Functional Cookies

Functional cookies are cookies that ensure that the website is properly displayed. These cookies are technically necessary and also remember, for example, personal preferences.

These are cookies for:

  1. Storing preferences, such as the location of the rain radar or weather forecast, position of the file map and train station, the desired number of search results, etc.
  2. Saving settings for optimal video playback, such as the desired buffer size and resolution data from your screen;
  3. Reading out your browser settings in order to optimally display our website on your screen.
  4. Detecting abuse of our website and services, for example by registering a number of consecutive unsuccessful log-in attempts.
  5. Unusual loading of the website, so that the site remains accessible.
  6. Offering the ability to store login credentials so you don’t have to enter them every time.
  7. Remembering information you fill in on a page of a website (for example, during checkout or ordering), so you don’t have to fill in all your data again
  8. Passing information from one page to the next page, for example, if a long survey is completed or if you need to fill in a lot of data.
  9. Make it possible to respond to our website.

Use of these cookies does not require permission from you. These cookies cannot be disabled.


Website statistics are measured using software. For example, these statistics provide insight into the number of visits and the surfing behaviour on our website. For these measurements software and cookies from third parties are used.

We use cookies for:

  1. Tracking the number of visitors on our website.
  2. Keeping track of the time each visitor spends on our website.
  3. Determining the order in which a visitor visits the various pages of our website.
  4. Assessing which parts of our site need adjustment.
  5. Optimising the website.

Social Media

Social Media cookies ensure that articles, images and / or videos can be shared from the website. For these cookies we refer to the privacy statement of the relevant party. Note: these statements can change regularly and we have no influence on them.


Our website shows advertisements in certain places. These ads are a necessary source of income for us, with which we finance our website. As a result, you can continue to visit our website. This way we can continue to make our website free of charge and offer it to you. These advertisements (or video messages) use various types of cookies. These advertisements are posted by us and by third parties on our website.

Ad cookies may include:

  1. An ad is shown
  2. Keep track of which ads you have already seen, to prevent you from seeing the same ads every time
  3. Can track how many visitors click on the ad for the purposes of determining our advertising revenue together with the advertiser
  4. Information is collected about whether the ad is catching on.

If such cookies are not used, you will still be shown advertisements. There may also be advertisements that do not use cookies. For example, these ads may be customised to the content of the website.


Our goal is to provide visitors to our website with information. We want to adapt our website to the interests and preferences of our visitors. That is why we would like to know how you use our website. In order to make these adjustments, we try, based on the websites that you visit on the Internet, to get an idea of your probable interests without building up a profile that can be traced back to a person.  We measure this through the content of articles and through the advertisements that are shown. These are also called tracking cookies. Based on the interests of our visitors, we can customise our website and the advertisements for each individual visitor. You can be included as a visitor based on your surfing habits in a particular category (eg: “men, age group 30 to 45 years, married with children, and interested in passenger cars and sports cars”. This group obviously gets to see different advertisements to the segment “woman, age category 50 to 65 years, single and interest in fashion”).

These cookies allow:

  1. The website to register your visit to make an assessment of your interests
  2. You can register if you clicked on an advertisement
  3. Information about your surfing habits to be transmitted to other websites and advertisers
  4. Third-party services to be used to show advertisements to you
  5. More interesting ads to be shown for you
  6. Reports can be made for advertisers: by understanding the interest of visitors, it is beneficial for advertisers to advertise on our website. With that information, advertisers can place appropriate advertisements for you.

If such cookies are not used then this does not mean that you will no longer see ads on our site. In that case, the ads are no longer tailored to your interests.

Sharing personal data?

Third parties that place cookies via the websites are all located within the European Economic Area (“EEA”). In some cases, your personal data will be transferred to this party, but also to other parties outside the EEA. In such a case, your explicit consent will be requested.

Finally, we reserve the right to disclose your personal information when it follows a legal obligation or if it follows from a court request.

How can I delete cookies?

You can decide whether you want to accept or reject cookies or if you want your browser to notify you when a cookie is placed.

For this you need to adjust the settings in your browser. Since every browser is different, please refer to the “help” menu of your browser to set cookie preferences  If you do not accept cookies, we can not guarantee that the website will function properly. The refusal of cookies does not mean that no advertisements will be shown.

If you have given permission to place cookies, you may revoke this permission at any time.

More information about withdrawing or modifying your consent, activation, activation and deletion of cookies can be found in the Help functionality of your Web browser. For the most common browsers, you can find an explanation of the supplier on the following pages:


For questions about this cookie statement or if you want to make a complaint or submit a request, please let us know. You can contact us by sending an e-mail to or contacting via the contact details listed on this website..