The image shows the north eastern Caspian Sea and different stages of ice formation.

Daily Ice Reports

We provide Daily Ice Reports with an overview of the ice-covered area of interest, including current and expected ice conditions, coverage boundaries and Metocean conditions.

Furthermore, we provide Annotated Quicklooks, satellite image-based ice reports including ice boundaries, ice mobility, ice thickness and ice drift information.

We operate worldwide, for instance in Kazakhstan (Caspian Sea), Russia (Sakhalin, Yamal) and the Baltic Sea area.

Our Ice charting capability, coupled with our meteorological expertise, results in an enhanced and cost saving service to clients operating in arctic conditions.

Our Ice-charting specialists

Our experienced Ice-charting specialists have completed an intensive training program to better understand the ice regime, i.e. how ice builds up, how it moves and reacts and how it evolves during the season. Interpreting satellite images forms the basis for delivering an effective output.

The ice build-up and movement is very dependent on the weather therefore our extensive meteorological knowledge and experience will help us to further improve the service we provide.

The maritime and offshore industry can be subject to extreme weather conditions, especially when operating in an arctic environment with ice-covered waters.

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