Metocean dataand modelling

In addition to using commonly available wind, wave and current data we also have an extensive modelling capability. The following models are operated in-house on a daily basis to provide forecast and hindcast services: The following models are operated in-house on a daily basis to provide forecast and hindcast services:

  • Deep water wave model – WAVEWATCH III
  • Coastal and shallow water wave
  • Tidal models
  • Fine resolution atmospheric model – WRF (Weather Research and Forecast Model)

Long duration Datasets from readily available historical simulations (hindcasts) are available globally. Where required dedicated modelling services are also available to further enhance the level of detail at which data are available.

With decades of experience in producing high-quality metocean data sets, we are a preferred supplier for providing weather-related planning information for many of our customers.

Offshore operationand voyage planning:

We maintain global archives of quality verified modelled and observed historical data that are designed to help plan operations and support in the design of marine infrastructure.

A range of metocean services is provided to help support proposal budgeting, project planning and infrastructure design applications

    • Using validated datasets offers quick and easy access to wind and wave data and ambient climate statistics for offshore and coastal sites globally.
  • Ambient Climate Metocean Statistics
    • Illustrates the general climate information for a point in easy to interpret tables, figures and graphs. Typically, this approach is selected when operations are relatively straightforward or when only a first assessment of the local conditions are required.
  • Metocean Persistence Analysis
    • Provides insight in the frequency of occurrence of suitable weather windows based on client defined operational thresholds. A persistence analysis involves a counting technique where continuous windows with favourable conditions of sufficient length are identified and counted.
  • Project Simulation Metocean Studies
    • Calculates the expected duration of a project given the limiting operational criteria and time requirements of the various phases of the project, as well as the metocean conditions at the location of interest.
  • Severe Climate Information
    • Provides information on the probability of severe events (i.e. tropical storms) and the extreme values associated with them.

Historical weather data can be considered as the best source of information for planning future operations.

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