Weather window monitoringfor offshore installations

Through the dashboard it is possible to switch forecasts on or off as required. This offers an efficient cost management tool that allows the user to scale up or down the forecast requirement on an as required basis.

Within a project, different operations can have different operating thresholds. Through the dashboard it is possible to set up multiple email distribution groups that each receive a forecast with operational thresholds for their specific operation.

Besides offering easy access to reliable marine weather forecast information it also allows the user to control distribution requirements and to define (multiple) operational thresholds. All this is done through intuitive multi-platform user interfaces.

Weather Charts

The dashboard also provides access to a range of attractive spatial weather charts that provide a global overview of the following:

  • Wind speed & direction
  • Wave height and direction
  • Air temperature
  • Precipitation radar and forecast
  • Satellite cloud cover
  • Lightning strike data feeds

Part of the meteorological team currently in place helped pioneer the original table & graph forecast presentations that are still commonly used by the offshore industry worldwide today. By innovation this has evolved into the Marine Weather Dashboard. Through the dashboard interactive table and graph outlooks for 3, 5, 7 and 10 days can be visualized.

Scenario forecasting

To provide insight into the expected variability of forecasted weather conditions the dashboard visualizes both the optimal forecast of our meteorologists and a scenario (probabilistic) forecast.

In a scenario forecast a selection of the models is rerun multiple (up to 100) times, each time starting with slightly differing weather conditions so as to produce forecast probabilities.

A scenario forecast shows the modelled 50% and 90% probabilities of occurrence for a variety of parameters. It also shows the probability of exceedance of your project’s thresholds.

Through colour coded weather forecast timelines for individual assets it is possible to see, at a glance, which points of interest are expected to be affected by unfavourable weather conditions. For every single project!

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