Tailored forecaststo support marine operations

When operations are sensitive to specific limiting operational thresholds or require a specific weather window, our team of experienced meteorologists can consider this in the production of a forecast.g.

The intuitive marine weather dashboard offers extended functionality that is designed to help improve the efficiency with which operations can be planned.

Through the dashboard and our forecasts users are notified when conditions are likely to exceed safe operating thresholds parameters and when suitable weather windows are anticipated.

From general weather, wind and wave outlooks to more detailed reports, Infoplaza is a marine weather forecast services provider that is focused on meeting all marine weather forecast requirements that enable safe operations at sea.

Detailed modelling

Where readily available data sources do not provide the levels of detail required fine resolution numerical models are set up. This for example allows for the provision of point specific information for more sheltered project locations.

We provide tailored services globally, pending the project location of interest a regular point forecast can be supplemented with:

  • Probabilistic scenario forecasts
  • Long range project planning information based on historical datasets
  • Tidal level and current information
  • Spatial maps and satellite imagery
  • Precipitation & rain radar
  • Synoptic spatial Metocean maps
  • Weather briefings
  • Squall and tropical storm monitoring and warning services
  • Lightning monitoring & warning
  • Ice Charting services

Web, Email and API drivenForecast distribution

Forecasts can be distributed in a variety of ways in a variety of formats to meet requirements.

The default means for distribution are the marine weather dashboard and email PDF. In addition, forecasts are available in digital data format that can be distributed via for example email, FTP and API’s.

Different weather elements may be relevant depending on the area of interest. In arctic regions, for example, the effects of ice on the local climate must be taken into account, and operations in tropical regions can be disrupted by tropical storms and squalls. Infoplaza has the experience and tools available to meet such needs.

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