Meteorological supportduring operations

In addition to improving safety, our weather services can help to minimize weather-related downtime of operations and optimize efficiency.

Our expert team of meteorologists can help for instance by identifying alternative routes with more favourable conditions, pinpointing the most critical segments of the route, and assessing hurricane risks.

Their support is available on a 24/7/365 basis.

Weather forecast services for shipping are used to support:

  • Ocean towage operations
  • Rig moves
  • Semi-submersible & FPSO transports
  • Open hatch transports
  • Special & Heavy cargo transport

Weather forecast services for terminals are used to support:

  • Ship to ship transfer operations
  • Ship to shore Offloading operations in (semi) exposed ports
  • Transfer operations at jetties

Based on historical weather data Infoplaza can provide information about the climatological conditions one should consider for specific marine transports. Live transports are supported by a range of weather services that are designed to help transfer crew and cargo safely from A to B.

Ship-to-Shiptransfer support

Ship to ship transfer operations can take place on an ad-hoc basis. Having a weather forecast readily available can help save valuable time acquiring a forecast. Services can be set up to accommodate both offshore and coastal locations globally.

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