Following the merger of Infoplaza BV and BMT ARGOSS BV in July 2018, the trading name of BMT ARGOSS will change to Infoplaza Marine Weather with immediate effect. With this change the full range of international offshore and maritime services of both companies will be incorporated under the Infoplaza brand.

Infoplaza BV and BMT ARGOSS BV have fully integrated over the last 6 months. As a consequence, the time is now right to market all services provided under one brand. The combined service capability of this new organization will be promoted as Infoplaza Marine Weather. Infoplaza Marine Weather will automatically benefit from BMT ARGOSS’s expertise in high-resolution / near-shore modelling and MetOcean consultancy, combined with the state-of-the-art dashboards Infoplaza provides to its customers.

A new logo has been designed for Infoplaza Marine Weather, to match our business vision. The logo also ties strongly to our mission: “Together we support people to make decisions with the right information for every point”. The key strapline is ‘to the point’, which stands for relevant, accurate, decisive, ultra-local and on time services! Indispensable elements for a weather company.

Jean-Paul Lindeboom, managing director of Infoplaza Marine Weather: “Customers will undoubtedly benefit from the new path we have taken. Through collaboration, our customers have access to personal online dashboards, based on high-resolution model data, which helps them to carry out operations more effectively and safely.”