Infoplaza is pleased to announce the launch of its UK Operation located in Aberdeenshire, Scotland.  This represents our first overseas venture and will seek to build on the success we have had in key industries in the Netherlands. Because of its geographical location, Aberdeen / Aberdeenshire is the ideal location to service the Offshore Oil & Gas Industry and the growing Renewable Energy industry in the UK.

At Infoplaza we know that the weather can have a big impact on business processes. Many industries require constant monitoring and 24/7 access to meteorological specialists. Accurate forecasts, up-to-date information and risk analysis is of great importance in the decisions making process that companies need to take. Infoplaza is dedicated to providing exceptionally high level of service, with a 24/7 cover to all our clients.

We’re delighted to have opened up for business in the UK, from a fantastic base from which we’ll be able to grow and deliver solutions to clients which save time and money. We believe that there’s a real gap in the market for our expertise and we’re excited about the many potential projects and challenges that could benefit from Infoplaza services.

Jim Murray is Infoplaza’s Business Development representative in the UK and has worked in the weather industry for over 15 years. Jim said, “As well as offering realistic solutions, we believe that sharing knowledge is key to the future of our industry. We’re excited to offer services built on many years of experience, and encourage those looking for market-leading weather services to get in touch.”