Infoplaza Marine Weather provides DSME with validated global wind and wave database

Utilising its wave modelling and remote sensing data expertise, Infoplaza has secured a contract for the provision of a global metocean database to DSME (Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Enineering), a world leading ship and marine engineering company. The metocean database, containing wind and wave data, will be used by DSME for the planning and design of marine and offshore projects. It will pay a pivotal role in ensuring that the projects will be carried out with an optimal planning and thus with as little unnecessary downtime as possible.

The database, which encompasses data for more than 75.000 model nodes and extends over a 29 year period (1990-2018) was extensively validated and calibrated where needed using buoy and satellite observation data. It was developed over a period of many years and continues remains under constant development.

“The insights we were able to provide is crucial for parties operating in the marine environment as our information helps them, at any time, to make informed decisions”

Says IM-Weather’s Product owner for Marine, Feddo Vollema.

He continues: “For many years the forecasted hand historical wind and wave databases we develop and maintain have supported marine energy companies, their contractors and major dredging companies in planning for safe and efficient operations around the world. By having access to the complete global database, DSME are enabled to simulate a vessel’s behavior along routes or for specific project sites helping them to optimize their ship designs and builds.