Making Weather Work for Boskalis

Interpreting and Understanding Weather
issues at Boka Barge 82 (Hornsea 2)

Topics Webinar:

On Thursday, June 3rd, from 10.00 - 11.00 am, in cooperation with Boskalis, Infoplaza hosts a live Webinar featuring Offshore Weather and what effects it has on offshore operations. Not only will meteorologist Leon Saris run you through the background of weather forecasting, Boskalis’ offshore construction manager Arjan Ottink and meteorologist Mark van der Putte discuss how a good forecast can play an important role in the offshore planning for the Boka Barge 82, Hornsea 2 project.

Windy conditions, poor visibility, bathymetry, shallow water, sandbanks, or wave/ swell heights together determine the operability of a project. What happens when weather conditions change during an operation or if adverse weather continues over a long period? By discussing the various stages of a cable laying project together with the weather dependencies we will guide you through the mix of weather and the operations within Boskalis.

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