With your own personalised dashboard you can see at a glance if the weather will exceed your project limits.

Understanding marine weather, mitigates business risk!

Whether it’s a rig move, subsea maintenance or a heavy lift, good weather decisions will determine the success of your work offshore. Understanding the effect of marine weather is critical for project planning so that complex logistics and rising costs are managed effectively. Weather impacts offshore activity, but if you understand it, and plan for potential outcomes your business will benefit.

Personalised weather dashboard

With your own personalised weather dashboard, you’ll be able to see at a glance if the weather allows you to work, or not. You can set limits for each project and receive alerts if they are triggered. With a clear, user friendly interface, using simple weather codes and explanations, you will know when you can start, suspend and finish operations. All weather components are available to users in 2 clicks – from your desktop, tablet or smartphone!

Weather Experts focused on accuracy and innovation

Our weather forecasts are developed using state of the art modelling, applied physics and sophisticated mathematical algorithms. In addition, all output is quality checked by meteorologists before it’s sent to clients.

The forecast team have a long history in offshore forecasting. The team pioneered the original table & graph forecast presentations commonly used by the offshore industry worldwide. The latest systems build on the simplicity of the original combined with today’s technological innovations so as to produce a truly powerful and dynamic marine forecast system. Introducing ‘scenario forecasting’, you will be able to decide more easily when and when not to work offshore.

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